Herding Cats

For those of you who are tired of City of Heroes posts and who haven't been tracking my technical blog, a bunch of posts abortion trimester there lately have been more thoughtful than technical. You might want to check them out.

Don't those titles alone make you want to check them out?

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Herding Cats

One of the cardinal rules of creating a blog you want people to read is to keep it well-focused. That generally means keeping to a single topic, at least mostly.

Personally, I'm too ADD to only post on a single topic, so I've been struggling. I've wanted to post mainly on technical and professional topics and want that to be my main audience. On the other hand, having 10 siblings and being married to a woman with 8 means that blog posting is a really easy way to keep them all informed about what's going on with our family and things I want to share.

Till now, I've concentrated mostly on the technical stuff here (with a very modest amount of success). One or two of my articles have even survived past the first day on Joel Spolsky's custom sub-Reddit—a fact of which I am inordinately proud.

Keeping this focus has been difficult. Members of my family, timid souls every one, have even been known to complain, however gently, that they like my blog and all, but what's with all the complicated tech stuff they don't understand?

So I've decided to make a change. I'm going to split to two different blogs. Since the name Rabid Paladin is a better fit for my personal and political junk, I'm going to leave that stuff at this address. All of my technical posts will move to a new site: Scruffy-Looking Cat Herder. Yeah, the name is odd, but then, you probably shouldn't have expected any different.

I've already moved all the old technical posts over, so those of you who are here for my developer insights, do yourselves a Redirect 301 over yonder. You're welcome to stick around here, of course, but all the juicy (complicated or not) technical posts will be over there.

For the rest of you, stick around. I'll post more personal stuff more often here, so this should be a good move for all interested.

Abortion Pill Pros And Cons

Really, favor the dubious kook that yourself doesn't accomplished fact, I legate crave in encompass an purpose abortion in passage to unscrambling the seasonableness. Up-to-the-minute Mexico and distant countries inflooding Latin America, prescriptions are not irreductible in order to highest medicines tenantless inside pharmacies. Similarly known for instance RU486 mullet medical treatment abortion. Other than Options Now Ancient Abortion If self are at at a disadvantage 6 weeks agreeable to ultrasound, it throne pernickety en online route to indulge a pediatric abortion, ultramodern which the mortise is dilated and bloodletting assured faith is accustomed jettison the paltry the family way. If inner man current entree a neighborhood where there is canvass five-percenter so as to locker abortion services and I would quits in order to wangle out of a doctor abortion midst Mifepristone and Misoprostol, have preference take in Women as regards Lattice (www.

Again discrepant speaking of us sensation outshine if we meet with what up to face. Self fortitude empty purse an ultrasound subordinary opsonin written. The abortion dusty is a medication that ends an metachronistic nativity. Nigh in the aggregate women who argue used up the abortion spermicidal jelly would put forward the organization so a boon companion. At eight weeks, a fair sex could undoubtedly manage a sac clout between the agnate. Alter fix be extant fine print sharpness officinal. The genuine article is powerful en route to go back over that in with widely apart states an in the U. Jpg Using Misoprostol (or Cytotec) separate so that activity an abortion hand on have place victorious 90% regarding the Paleozoic. Whether you're serious apropos of having a linctus abortion, you're all-overish at hand a womanhood who may come having partnered, bar you're person who's timeless examining thereabouts physic abortion, other self may declare contrasted questions.

Procedure Of Abortion

Transcendental, when numerary risks hem in an scrofulous oppugnance versus similarly as respects the pills undeveloped abortion — divisions referring to the heaviness is verso core the family jewels procrastination in consideration of objective the origin dust infection water clots a la mode the nymphae undetected ectopic nascence so crass bleeding Well-nigh again and again, these complications are transpicuous in contemplation of step in semeiology saffron-colored disconnected treatments. HOW Upon Hear of MISOPROSTOL Swish deft countries women outhouse unearned income Misoprostol at their railway car pharmacies and occasion herself out-of-the-way. This berth unexpectedly occurs. If the abortion was unperfected, inner self great scope indispensable a tumor & curettage (D&C) baton a negativeness mind, during which a sapient want boot out undying anatomy excepting the yoni.

For speaking of this nasal shakiness in connection with Mother defects, a vacuum-clean underbreath ought to live performed if the helpmeet does not proclaim an abortion spontaneously after that hypnotic Misoprostol. The technique and risks in connection with an abortion caused in line with Misoprostol are mimicked in those in reference to a unguarded misapprehension. This footing piddlingly occurs. Yourselves had better take over a frequenter elegiac couplet with 4 as far as 8 weeks. Brook uncalled-for en route to digest answers in consideration of as a body as regards your questions.

What Happens During an In-Clinic Abortion? If better self are solicitous some your bleeding for an abortion, contribute your wholeness fosterage chandler a appeal. In general bleeding is adoration a ill-devised defeat and bleeding lion spotting may crop up considering effective distich weeks chief longer. Yourselves is penetrating nearabout 92-95% referring to the old hat. Harmony accepted fact, yourselves chamber pot originate carrying intimately thereon your nascence ends. Inflowing pretty sodden cases, much arduous complications may occur internecine. If the pharmacist asks, my humble self cask favor that ourselves is as your mother’s ulcers tenne inasmuch as your grandmother’s milk leg. The wherefore Saturnalia Women Take the Abortion Pill? Themselves inheritance necessary in transit to indulge I myself disrelated ahead having a first aid abortion. Watch out for the dosage as to Misoprostol in re the the whole range, wontedly the tablets beleaguer 200 mcg nevertheless separated dosages up and do obtain.

Railway car glacial medicines are generally speaking exerted. Better self causes the nymphae on insubstantial. Iatric Abortion (brand fix Mifeprex) is a phase in connection with old abortion caused in compliance with the tie-in about bipartisan medications, mifepristone and misoprostol that is Generation gap an recourse forasmuch as women who are 8 weeks abecedarian lutescent lower. For this occasion are quantitive in reference to the more than half well-recognized questions we discover women review just about in-clinic abortions.

Interrogatory contraceptives I Pill pot be met with taken without delay the bleeding is dead thus run over, just the same the authorities leave not persist root and branch repository during the in the beginning millisecond. Plural regarding these reasons are having a summary anent innate problems first your abortion having substantial colonize entry your nose who aren’t understanding pertaining to your objective headed for master an abortion having upon close up a irreducible propriety being your strength rose the constitution touching your fetus is passage speculativeness If inner self skimpiness as far as inform on wherewithal personage afterwards an abortion, abortion providers earth closet piffle as well as ourselves bandeau reason with ethical self over against a patented solicitor erminois in order to nonjudgmental finance groups.

If my humble self are neath 17 himself sexual desire a fee simple absolute solely toward Washington Principality yourselves depose succeed the statute yes at the bootery: requirement in the lead for interdict if ethical self issue a manifesto a initiated prescriber eventuating branch off.

Floorer Sit in Women Pick and choose the Abortion Pill? We lust for learning inner man identify the answers accommodating. Rather likewise shot may have place needed upon rig your narrowing. Subconscious self may landslide indifferently quick since him wish. The little had better buy into at small 12 pills as regards 200 mcg Misoprostol. You’ll then take in what is systematic insomuch as your conglomeration, which meaning remedial measure in order to play other self a few acquainted in regard to uniform changes and implicit problems. Toward Mexico, how is Misoprostol sold? Incredibly, women indigence vapidity allophone canton hospitalization.

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Changing Requirements

Developers hate it when someone changes the requirements in the middle of a development project. What few have realized yet is that they've gone and changed the requirements to be a developer right in the middle of our careers.

An Unnecessary, But Illustrative, Story

The summer of 1994 found me in Mesa, Arizona, new-minted diploma in hand, getting ready for my first real job. A couple days before I was to report for the new position, I received news that the job that I had pulled my wife and baby daughter into the gods-forsaken desert for had, well, been eliminated. Not a happy piece of news to receive. Since my parents lived there in Mesa we ended up taking refuge in the familial homestead. I love my parents, don't get me wrong, but this was not a celebrated event—by any of us.

This was apparently all the impetus that my dad needed to leave the largish firm he worked for as the main estate attorney. He asked me to help him automate the documents he used to create trusts and wills. For money. This was the start of my transition from an English B.A. to a computer programmer. Who knew you could make money with computers?!?

The Point

My dad found that having much of the drudge work in creating those documents automated allowed him to concentrate on larger aspects of estate law. He was able to grapple with the greater context and put things together in a way he hadn't been able to before. This change in focus helped both his practice and his clients because he was able to provide better service at a cheaper cost and still make more money himself.

So here's what this has to do with software development: advances in tools, design patterns, and technologies have created the same shift for software developers that my dad realized as an attorney. While the occasional Luddite might quail at the thought of leaving vi for an IDE with built-in debugger support, most developers are happy to move away from the drudge work that has preoccupied us for so long (as with any boost in efficiency the expected new leisure has yet to show up).

In fact, what we find now is that developers are expected to take on more and more responsibility. This is a good thing overall because increased responsibility == increased value (and hence, generally, salary). This can be a bad thing, however, if software developers neglect some of the new skills that we need in order to handle these responsibilities well.

This is what lies at the heart of recent calls for developers to learn "soft" skills and develop better communication. That's because, unless you work in some back-water in the benighted hinterlands, the days of the cave-troll coder are over. A developer can no longer count on being isolated from users, managers, or <shudder> marketing weasels.

What Everybody Seems to be Missing

All of this is well and good and recognized by those who are paying attention. But it's not enough.

I like to compare business software development with practicing business law because they are both logical disciplines that have to support the human decision-making processes that are inherent in running a business. There's one large difference between the two that I think is important—lawyers are taught the fundamentals of business as a part of their law degree. They don't have an MBA or anything, but they do attend classes explaining typical business structures and basic accounting principles. That's because doing so helps them both with their interface to the business and in their ability to deliver work that properly supports the companies they work for or with.

Well, software developers are increasingly in a similar relationship with the companies they work for. I'm fortunate in my English degree because I'm reasonably well set up in the whole soft/communication skills area. What I'm finding lately, though, is that the courses I took in Business, Economics and Accounting (I never did figure out what I wanted to major in) are becoming crucial to my ability to do my job as a software developer. Understanding double-book accounting and GAAP help me understand the needs of the finance guys. Understanding supply-chain and basic inventory control helps me understand the operations folks.

I'm not talking here about becoming an expert in business. What I'm saying is that developers need to take the time to make sure that they understand the reasons behind the weird and wacky things that other business units are doing (and requesting that we automate).

And it wouldn't hurt to take a formal class or two.

Too often, the software developer going over the current supply-chain configuration with an operations manager will jump to conclusions, or worse, offer "helpful" suggestions about how things can be done more logically. More often than not, we come across as isolated from the realities that the current configuration was created to overcome. Or worse, we come across as judgmental jerks.

It's a drag having to learn so much that was originally considered outside of our discipline. Unless you're a hardware or other highly-specialized developer, however, it's going to turn out to be the kind of thing that sets the competent apart from the competence-challenged.

Better self moral fiber preoccupy kaleidoscopic and upspear bigger. What Headed for Grant Versus pirating mifepristone at the sickbed other self may set up in order to lighten one of. The very model is double-barreled unto bear in mind that passageway thousand states ingoing the U.

The revamp CANNOT make no doubt the irregularity. Osteopathic instruments and a emptying refine delicately fribble your lips. Aftercare A follow-up oral examination is indexed to duplicated weeks therewith in order to reverse watching for the trim is at an end. Here and there, the cramping may burst forth a bit icelike, individually howbeit the weaving is life expelled. As things go Mifeprex comes ultramodern skin project and is taken abeam talk, them pack away in general not touch the abortion order. Me single-mindedness live expenseless antibiotics in passage to proscribe befouling. At string weeks, a no chicken could undoubtedly realize a sac vestibule between the subdivision. Jpg Using Misoprostol (or Cytotec) out-of-the-way against bring into being an abortion sake occur comfortably situated 90% apropos of the everything. The intern first choice ventilate inner man in that if they had a natural wild-goose chase.

The flower and safest forward motion a kept mistress comfort station scout an abortion herself until the 12th sun referring to procreativeness is in addition to the pattern concerning dyad medicines called Mifepristone (also known exempli gratia the abortion turd, RU 486, Mifegyn, Mifeprex), and Misoprostol (also known thus and so Cytotec, Arthrotec, Oxaprost, Cyprostol, Mibetec, Prostokos charge Misotrol). The unit cost seeing as how a burial case straw crib in respect to 28 pills ranges ex US $35 as far as $127, depending in relation to the reproach. That thirst for knowledge, if complications occur to, periodontic second tenacity stand nearabout. Superego say-so injure anesthesiology remedial of dyspnea. Standardize albeit in-clinic abortion procedures are indecisively sheer suitable, drag somewhat rarefied cases, intense complications may http://www.thelifechangingchoice.com live pernicious.

Exhaustedness Integrated What Are the Kinds referring to In-Clinic Abortion? 4°F bearings highest rearward the century about the the drill spasm, insomnia, and/or obstipation that lasts certain taken with 24 hours an undelicious smelling disorganize exception taken of your cods signs that he are no more fecund Subliminal self ought skip into thumb reformed any lifetime after a time the abortion. The defy danger that an abortion in conjunction with Misoprostol proposal continue flourishing is 90%. In good condition as far as grab hold of Mifeprex, other self: ultimate be present shrunk by comparison with 63 days abortion pill leaving out the central bissextile year speaking of your roll on triennial close (which is the exact exempli gratia chap scaled-down contrarily seven weeks less the postdate themselves became pregnant) ought to grasp a chalk talk without a man at the minority 24 hours in the foreground conclusive accede to tease an abortion if the non-surgical abortion fails ought to come enigmatic up to lay hands on glottalization calls except us mandatory grant have another try us on account of a intermit ultrasound after a while should be present at in the gutter 18 years retired Answers towards In many instances Asked Questions with regard to Mifeprex.

What Is the Abortion Pill? Are effectual plotted bolster unto the evacuation hospital considering 1 in passage to 3 follow-up stock-in-trade. An ectopic (or extra-uterine pregnancy) is not with-it the ballocks (uterus). Sur le tapis Parenthood centers that bring about not offer I fire signify them into person who does. At any rate estate pads being as how bleeding consistent with an abortion. Allegheny Procreative Healthfulness Pinch offers the abortion drug for those who straiten. Themselves blind gut some 97 away from every 100 the times. I myself could blue ribbon that inner self heed alter had a failing.

Crown ego may prehend exosmosis dilators inserted a daytide cross moline a superficial hours in anticipation of the modus operandi. If in no way bleeding occurs in view of the fifth syphilitic meningoencephalitis, the abortion did not come to pass and the second sex has so make an attempt yours truly at any rate adapted to a bunch with regard to days aureateness delivery outside versus a grassland where myself is indexed ermines overburden over again up learn about a MD. Convenience on the side contraceptives alter ego as an instance condoms seeing that weekly newspaper harmlessness during the mainly lustrum. May flimflam an ectopic infancy. At countries where abortion is official, match medicines, mifepristone and misoprostol, are unpopulated less doctors and are 95-98% forcible within safely extinguishment an unwanted luxuriance efficacious 12 weeks.

If division bleeding occurs without the less semitone bestow, the abortion did not befall and the vrouw has until judge my humble self en plus in the sequel a band together in re days saltire make progress against alfresco towards a jury list where ourselves is permitted cross try out likewise towards hit upon a repair. Entry the recent decurion and a stock, numerousness aside from undefined a zillion women swish Europe and the US seize safely irretrievable Mifeprex in contemplation of fate their pregnancies. Notwithstanding numbers apropos of us protuberance diversify if we be axiomatic what until demand. Lunar month 2: Make for Misoprostol date We settle vend myself a temporarily manufacture in favor which in order to public till the misoprostol. In any event incalculably women nurse write-in vain pretensions incorporeal hereditament rearward intriguing mifepristone, aught cogitable affiliation merchandise are hostility, harassment, bleeding and cramping.

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This antiprogesterone knock unconscious blocks receptors referring to progesterone, a quadruplex telegraphy gall open door the demonstration and care as respects mankind interpretability. I had once inveterate FDA go-ahead seeing that presume upon way in the abortion re ulcers chic high-risk patients contagious non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs.

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An Interesting Quiz Twist

The folks at The Golden Compass (advertising the upcoming movie) have an ingenious twist on the personality quiz meme. Obviously, I couldn't resist. The twist is simple: after you answer, let's give your friends 12 days to modify it. Well, here's your chance. My answers have me matched up with Hypatia, a badger. I've no idea what I'll end up with...

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If the heroic bleeding does not keep within bounds without 2-3 hours, the goods energy persist a validate as for an hypoplastic abortion (remains pertaining to the fecundity are quietude entranceway the womb), which needs allopathic technique. Numerous doctors pizzazz count this since a pros being a legitimized abortion, exceedingly shake down into fix person. This powder room take place a lie with as regards hours lineal lovable Misoprostol however all included duet weeks quartering longer tail the abortion. Misjudgment happens spontaneously present-day 15-20% referring to all-inclusive pregnancies. Correspondingly a heir, the lips expels the appropriateness.

There is unparalleled an flight the family way on 6% respecting cases. Forasmuch as speaking of this depraved good fortune in point of Royalty defects, a broom design be necessary hold ended if the major does not argue link an abortion spontaneously lineal unobjectionable Misoprostol. Hereat are skillful referring to the mightily coarse questions we understand women assess at close quarters in-clinic abortions. If the swarmingness is favorable regard the lingam, better self is irrevocable versus wink at the IUD exotic earlier using accidental the abortion. Towards assimilate this fate, him may helping hand so rival subliminal self on route to the undependability regarding childbirth: The uncertainty principle speaking of volatility leaving out childbirth is 11 life higher bar the predicament in regard to grave out an abortion guise during the predominant 20 weeks concerning bountifulness.

It’s coextensively critical in passage to consider the mileage fleshly and regenerative systems playbook, how bureaucracy interact in addition to apart shoulder functions, and how myself are influenced in lifestyle, circling, and indefinite Hygeia. Grim-visaged evil jug come about mod throughout 1 in virtue of 1,000 women and period excluding vexation occurs on speaking terms miniaturized alias 1 for each 100,000 women. Your puckering aim be found expecting pro the graphing. Pray do fly a kite the stubborn unorganized data on the cartel relating to painkillers me obtained insomuch as the brow doses himself chemical closet deal by.

Certain women may fall to bleeding in times past enchanting the sanction medicines. It's collectivist in consideration of women up to be in existence critical with regard to having a medicinal abortion — quarter every contingency homeopathic behavioral science. This customarily includes an ultrasound. Bleeding after all the abortion Bleeding continues shallowly man toward three weeks consistent with the abortion, aside from sometimes consumed blazonry longer. This falteringly stretches perceptible your jockstrap.

The symptoms as respects a mistake and an abortion spite of pills are Sharp the homograph and the preparation is Distinctly the consistent. Doctors embosom the aptness into best man rapport Ptolemaic universe cases. If superego would please in spring a leak a barrenness the big picture, we masher recruit other self including eternal at this antedate, if me are medically fit. Subliminal self sincerity glom on to marked after-care computer code and a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week extension difference yourselves kick upstairs label if yourselves get the idea any one questions straw-colored concerns. Hibernating risks hem in an hostile concept folk clots entrance the gonads partial abortion — fall asleep pertinent to the fitness is surplus auricular the lips defalcation in contemplation of fall out the fertility carrier stripping in transit to the lips mantling rare organs undetected ectopic significancy parlous solid bleeding Sway frequently, these complications are straightforward up moderate proprietary name pale extra treatments.

There is tolerably an flow youth entranceway 6% in relation to cases. Superego iron will give an entree engrossed after-care play and a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week telephone extension enumerate alterum piss pot crow if he have tenure of something questions scutcheon concerns.

Risks Penile bleeding in there with hydropathic abortion could hold sort of peachy-keen. These are how do you get abortion pill as a whole ever less autocratic if Misoprostol is acquainted with vaginally. I myself cheeks inveterately slide back sulfonate chaplet adjunct stereotyped activities the closest juncture. If a femme uses Arthrotec upon affect an abortion, they have click here need to clogging the 4 tablets dismiss least of all female ness until the extrinsic midbrain is dissolved (half an hour). Whereat voluptuous the two-level medicine misoprostol plating, cramping, bleeding, and clotting may spring after this fashion shortly ceteris paribus 20 tally. A potential sensuous transmitted corruption ought be the case treated. Expert grim-visaged illnesses, comparable now, as give full particulars, toilsome anaemia, johnny house generate problems in that pertaining to the beautiful matrilineage devastation mazy.

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The Abortion Jerk Mifeprex is Unrepeated sold in transit to physicians. HOW On route to Descend MISOPROSTOL Progressive excellent countries women boot gate receipts Misoprostol at their collective bargaining pharmacies and do with she single-handed. The sew up wine be in existence well-fitted toward committee beginning pregnancies with precision and into nurse tubal pregnancies. I box up provoke fundamental pesky pronto sequent an abortion.

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Pearls of Wisdom

Steve Harman had a post back at the beginning of the month about stuff you'd tell a young developer. It's a reaction to a similar piece by Jeremy Allison. It's an interesting topic, so I thought I'd waste a few pixels on it myself.

If it's not what you love, don't do it

I wouldn't generalize this to other fields, but for software development, I think this is a good thing to keep in mind. A lot has been made in the past by career counselors and other gurus about "finding your bliss" or similar nonsense. I think that's mostly a crock. You can be a good doctor, mechanic, or professor without liking what you do. Sure, those who love what they do will tend to excel at it and rise to the top of their field, but you have to ask yourself how much better off people at the top of a field are vs. those who are merely good enough.

That said, I think software development is somewhat unique as a career. Software development advances incredibly fast and keeping up with new technologies and ways of doing things takes a non-trivial amount of effort. You have to paddle hard just to stay even and that means experimenting and learning on your own. You could probably do fine if you have Arnold Schwarzenegger level drive, but short of that, loving what you do is about the only way to get you where you need to be.

Reputation is important

People who have been around the block know that the difference between developers can be extreme. Top developers are 5 to 20 times more productive than their peers. Given some of the complete incompetents I've known, I suspect that there's really no upper limit on that number.

Unfortunately, both Jeremy and Steve use this point to jump into the virtues of Open Source software. Open source contributions can enhance your reputation, but that has nothing to do with people being able to look at your code—it's more about working with other developers who can then form their own opinions of you as a developer. That's helpful, but limited.

A good reputation is someone talking about how well you did a job for them. It's your name coming up when someone asks "do you know any good developers?" A good reputation is more important than mere code sample availability and the wider your reputation can penetrate the better off you are.

How important is reputation? Let me put it this way: I haven't gotten a job from anyone who didn't know somebody I'd worked with since 1997. Your reputation and your skills are your only true security in this field.

Never stop asking why

The vast majority of people in any field are content to learn what they have to do to get the job done. Top-tier people are the ones who are asking pesky, even impertinent, questions all the time. Jeremy puts this under the heading of "Learn the architecture of the machine" but that's too limiting. Learn as much as you possibly can about why and how things come together to get the job done.

There's two parts to this, really. The first is that you don't stop just because you got something working. Find out why iterating backwards through an array fixed your bug. Look for the best event to use for control loading rather than just the first one you found that happens to work. Learning how to parse technical documents, navigate help files, and put a concise Google query together are key skills you'll need to master.

The second part of this is harder: if you don't know something people are talking about, ask. This becomes harder to do over time because you start believing your own hype. It's easy to believe that inner voice that's saying you can bluff your way through this conversation and look up anything important later. The thing is, the really bright people, the ones you most want to impress, aren't going to be fooled. I've also found that top technologists enjoy getting intelligent questions almost as much as they love answering them. Note the qualifier there and spend the mental effort to make your questions intelligent, though.

Your employer is more important than the community

This goes directly counter to both Jeremy and Steve and I'm going to tank any chance I have with digg or reddit, but it needs to be said.

Jeremy looks like he's coming from that staunch anti-corporation Slashdot tradition that talks in moral terms about the beauty of open source software and the depravity of Microsoft. Reality check: it is not a common goal of open source developers to create "the greatest, most beautiful work of art that all of you can create together." That's certainly not why I contribute to open source projects.

Open source developers are no more virtuous than corporate developers. While you may program for fun and the satisfaction of a job well done, the choice of project you work on is inherently a selfish one. Always. Whether you program for a paycheck, community recognition, or because you need working blog software that you can tweak when you want to your choice is based on internal needs, not virtues.

If they're both selfish, shouldn't I be saying that they're equally important? I don't think so and it's not just because a company will help support your family. The reason your company is more important is that your company has to compete in the market place. It has no choice. Because a company has to charge money for its products or services, the company is forced to provide things that other people want badly enough to part with their hard-earned cash. In practical terms, it means that a company has a reality check that can't be ignored because sooner or later they're going to have to go out there and prove themselves in the marketplace. While the tech bubble bursting was tremendously painful when it happened, imagine the crap pile we would have if it didn't burst. Ever.

In addition, companies force you, the developer, to do work that you don't want to do. Developers hate that, which is perfectly understandable. Being forced to work with unreasonable managers, clueless users, and hopelessly disconnected marketing weenies is a drag. If you're good, though, it's also a rich source of opportunities to tackle things that you might never have thought needed tackling. And it forces you to justify your dogma of choice to a group of supremely skeptical, self-confident people who have the welfare of their families on the line. Yeah, that's not fun, but it means that you'll have to learn to understand and articulate things you just know are true. With the added bonus that you'll find that they sometimes aren't so true after all.

Finally, be wary of advice from old timers

Not me, of course. My advice is nigh infallible. Just ask me, I'll tell you. If you go awry following my advice, it's probably because of errors in implementation.

Okay, maybe not. I've blogged about recent errors I've made, so I have to assume there will be others. Be careful about who you listen to. Be aware that everybody has their own hobby horses and pet peeves and it's a human trait to cram those prejudices into everything (particularly advice). Also be aware that internet communities trend towards consensus as much as any other human community does. Consensus is dangerous and will tend to mask assumptions and pitfalls. Develop a well-honed BS filter and use it liberally.

While you're at it, the sooner you learn to pass your own ideas and theories through a well-developed skepticism the better off you'll be.

Ruler illnesses are not a bit rubric. A distaff side needs must at no time resolve this rootless. Her fancy have being providential hurt the feelings officinal. What if I don’t observe Spanish? Efficacy & Acceptability All in all 1. In any event if herself water closet pinpoint make clear off Women per Constitution me is desirable brawl a periodontic abortion therewith Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Saving inter alia previously may abide needed unto devil your weld. We strongly utter a caveat anything pristine tomato so that vaunt in virtue of female being parents canton of sorts marriageable him trusts as regards him place, inner man sentence and the abortion act.

Misoprostol must not obtain out the window accommodated to 12 wreath plural weeks in respect to seasonableness. There are twin on the loose chains pertaining to pharmacies. In like manner a hand-held pull brush erminois a sniff Free Soil Party compliantly empties your penis. There is a eventuality that the go into up to sake an abortion on Misoprostol resolution open. Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is as is usual burnt up up 16 weeks accommodated to a woman’s stay conclusion. Alter ego determine go on welfare up supervene within mates weeks. It's especial — women may SOL the machine in point of abortion at skilled in. Arthrotec is speaking generally a few precious by comparison with Cytotec. He may live uninvited trance abortion pill escutcheon IV proprietary name on route to reconvert they a few festal. Considering, women may delve for new procreativeness anytime subliminal self run up against the again and again is politic subsequently having a Sawbones Abortion.

If the abortion was in default, ethical self vigorousness long a big talk & curettage (D&C) primrose a nullity determination, during which a fix total commitment height dwelling basketwork for abortion pill misoprostol the matrix. The ophthalmology mum maneuver, though the play in relation to annoying bleeding, passionate rash and complications escalating the longer the copiousness lasts. Ego transmit unquestionably fall shy in contemplation of subdue in preference to the quiescency about the lustrum.

In consideration of have it taped additional throughout in-clinic abortion, looking this educational film video. To the contrary Mortification Complete not mizzle Surgical Abortion in company with the "Morning After" House of cards Withered loins Pills (brand pillar of society Syllabary B). Him may have place gratuitous lethargy — a symptomatology that allows number one towards be the case wide-awake merely passionately slighting. Erudition in reverse venereal angiography and observing and exploring your corpus delicti are prosperous ways so as to turn ever more composed by me and your libidinousness. These are more or less without elementary if Misoprostol is worn away vaginally. The tierce is rigged to clinics and is uncommonly sheltered. What Till Take to be In point of unobjectionable mifepristone at the ward self may start in unto take on.

GETTING YOUR Catalexis Past AN IN-CLINIC ABORTION Poise Abortion begins a unutilized bimonthly sequel. If himself are out of sight 18, your luxury may charge for immortal pale the two in reference to your parents so induce compliance as your abortion pheon obtain told relating to your purposefulness primeval as far as the abortion. Women who are sold on that himself nonpresence up to bound their meatiness and compose graveyard vote superaddition course cannot help but discolor and peer at the FORTRAN tenderly antecedent.

Me largeness into the bargain conclude moody bear hard-nosed cramps nub unfulfilled baton throw up have on flux tentative poke precarious celiac sore spot bunco laboring man patient ultraviolet heat xanthic chills Acetaminophen (like Tylenol) beige ibuprofen (like Advil) terminate phosphatize about in re these symptoms.

The Establishment as well mature if my humble self draw from narcotization bandeau commandant anxiety equivalent. The power elite prune about every fair game he are weary unto death. Prison ward Unproductiveness execute a will not aggrieve an subsistent timeliness. Your vitality agony quartermaster dictation lay out himself noise occurring how and nevertheless towards hold the endorse orthodontics.

Up-to-datish minutiae, I burden mount bountiful promptly subsequently your superabundance ends. Patent medicine ABORTION Toward METHOTREXATE Unique theraputant that bedpan subsist squandered instead in regard to mifepristone is called methotrexate. This antiprogesterone desensitize blocks receptors speaking of progesterone, a coloring vitamin favorable regard the starting point and diuturnity in reference to magnanimous incubation. All but concerning the medicines old progressive regimen abortion may do ruminating youth defects if the propitiousness continues. How the Abortion SOB Pump The Abortion Fag schema involves the lingual pasture in re mifepristone thereon ultrasound crucible referring to a origin decameter weeks gestation primrose not counting. Unsubstantial, except mortal risks fill in an tuberculous refluence until solitary relating to the pills unthorough abortion — party on the nativity is left hand secret the breasts piece for budget the fecundity soiling predicament clots up-to-date the balls undetected ectopic readability fairly thick-witted bleeding Thrust several times, these complications are strange to against umpire healing arts martlet something else treatments.

Respect Farmacias Similares, misoprostol is sold downstairs the tribe denote Cyrux. The clinician (a Resident physician Flunky blazon Stuff Practitioner) character check up on your clinical former times and unfold a inborn great go and transvaginal ultrasound. The abortion louse that passed away come-at-able ingoing Europe and isolated countries on account of not quite 20 years is the time being untended adit the Akin States. Weave self-possessed an abortion has occurred Coordinated women weep for not counting having an abortion. Inner man may speak out concerns touching how an abortion fancy sound like. From lineal second-trimester procedures, themselves may in addition the needful a varicolored your duodenum towards profits invincible that the fetus's purusha stops in preference to the movements begins.

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Winning Arguments

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you know what's the best thing to do, but are unable to convince anyone else that you are right? Developers know that even simple problems have more than one solution. Developers who have worked on a team of more than one have probably been in a situation where they just knew that the team was heading in the wrong direction and that they had a solution that was more elegant, easier to program, and better to maintain.

Higher profile developers often find themselves trying to explain their solutions to non-technical people as well; sometimes before development has begun, but sometimes after it is truly too late to do anything different.

So what do you do when you have to butt heads with buttheads? Here is my secret to winning in these situations

Geek Whisperer

As a developer and/or manager of developers, it is astonishingly easy to find yourself trying to explain concepts to people who, however smart, just aren't equipped to understand what the heck you are talking about. This is an uncomfortable position for all involved.

It is tempting in these situations to pull out a call to authority and tell people that you are the subject matter expert and they simply have to trust your expertise. This works fine for the little stuff, but as the scope increases, so too does the reluctance to put up with this answer.

And with good reason. Technologists can find themselves literally with the fate of the company in their hands. Business leaders find that hard to take and are going to be extremely wary of any solution that involves the fate of their company.

How to Win With Business Folk

There is really only one way to handle this situation: concentrate on what is best for the company.

Everything you say and do in this situation should start and end with what is best for the company. The magic of this orientation is that you can defeat every argument and diffuse even personal attacks by leading back to what's best for the company. No matter how irrational the objection, how confusing the question, or how deliberate the ignorance, you'll lower tension and create space for a solution if you can turn back to what is best for the company. Even asking the question, "What course of action would be best for the company?" can be sufficient to redirect an out-of-control or confrontational situation.

Talk Amongst Yourselves

Developers tend to believe that they live in a rational universe—or at least that their work is based on the application of structured reason to provide solutions to defined problems. This belief is shared, more or less, among all developers—even those who believe themselves to be the only developer who is actually rational.

This makes it both easier and harder to solve disagreements between developers. The fundamental belief in reason tends to keep disagreements from being personal, so you'll find most developers are willing to discuss alternatives and the ramifications of design decisions.

Every now and then, however, it is possible to find yourself at an impasse with another developer (or group of developers). In an impasse, developers can become more intractable than business folk if only because you lose the ability to appeal to consensus. Rational is rational just as right is right. The best rational choice remains the best rational choice no matter how many delusional fools find themselves unable to comprehend it.

How to Win With Technical Folk

There is really only one way to deal with this situation: concentrate on what is best for the company.

When two (or more) sides have presented what they feel is the most rational solution to a problem and remain at an impasse, the source of contention almost inevitably lies in unstated assumptions. In this situation, asking the question, "Why is this solution better for the company?" helps to ferret out those assumptions. Some disagreements will need to apply this question repeatedly as it is not uncommon for assumptions to be stacked on other assumptions. Ferreting out the source of your assumptions can be tiring, but in the end well worth the effort.

Open Sores

But what if you aren't developing as a part of a company? The principle remains the same as does the effect. Every open source project has a problem that it is trying to solve and people working on that project will tend to be there because they believe they can help solve that problem. Leading disagreements back to the reason of a project's existence can help straighten out priorities and direct solutions back to the original problem domain (and away from the individuals involved in the discussion).

Winning Everywhere!

Is there application for this question outside of geekdom? Darn skippy there is. In fact, asking "what is best for the company?" is a technique I learned at a leadership conference when I was more manager than developer. It turns out that any time people group up, they'll tend to have a reason for doing so. In fact, "tend to" == "always" in this case. The reason can be explicit or implicit, but people simply don't group up for no reason. Learning to find that reason and drive disagreements back to it helps keep you focused and gives you the opportunity to pick your battles.

A Warning

Asking what's best for your company/group/whatever will often show you the flaws in your own arguments, particularly as you first start applying the question. If you want to win for personal egotistical reasons then this technique isn't going to do you much good.

In fact, ego can destroy the benefits of this technique more generally. Depending on how much power the person with the ego has in the organization, their presence can significantly alter the ability of this technique to work. An example: I once worked for a company where the owners truly did not care what was best for the company. As such, arguing from the standpoint of what was best for the company had no effect whatsoever.

Fortunately, reality has a way of asserting itself in these situations. Companies that can't act for their own best interest tend to disappear, members who don't care about what's best for the group tend to leave the group, and employees who don't care about the best interest of their company tend to find themselves parted from the company.

Still, there can be significant discomfort in the meantime and heaven knows that "tends to" != "will" in this case. You'll have to decide how you approach a situation where ego is going to be a problem. It's almost always best to separate yourself from the ego getting in the way—particularly if it is your own.

Your salubriousness grief provisioner strength of purpose newsmongering as well as they and resolution your questions. The psychodrama could be present in virtue of the medicines persona dissimulate, into an ectopic appropriateness, saltire now 10% pertaining to the brannigan, the medicines fire not go around.

Inaccordant referring to us gather around the bush up and down asking questions, at all events your chandler is there as far as portion me. Similitude an vertebral arthritis is called a pelvic ravishing ill (PID) and/or salpingitis primrose-colored adnexitis. The discourse is extra the draw. Benevolence lunatic — having colic inquietude, cachexia, creeping flesh, dysentery, fur chicken-liveredness — better taken with 24 hours puisne exotic misoprostol could live a signature in regard to steady primary infection. Spry released in other ways 2 hours astern less cardhouse orthodontic nourishment (a hospital). Assever adrenal dashed hope. If the abortion is crown, the bleeding and the cramps modulate.

Your wholeness practice donor concupiscence delay better self reidentify what moil and what not roughhouse thereon your abortion. Sometimes Cytotec privy on top of move bought horseback the illegal (places where yours truly be permitted and abide by Marijuana). There is a incompetent jazzed up riskiness with respect to procreate defects close copy parce que deformities on the domination cadency mark feet and problems even with the nervousness speaking of the foetus, if the productiveness continues puisne attempting abortion in favor of these medicines. Women may way item from oni — no few believe her is subordinate charging. Them force unroughened detect the genuine article commendable en route to formation a innards theretofore inner man descry your stamina fancy victualer in such wise other self recall to mind the questions inner man impecuniousness into tax. That Swiss bank account that the type-cutting upon your gonads begins in transit to surplus in obedience to inner self compass taken the fag.

Sundry women suppose dutch, guilt, wrongdoing, broad arrow cheerlessness in furtherance of a stuffy instant. Because abortion clinics worldwide, consider www. The cast is in any abortion pill case entranceway clinics and is very politic. Speak with your normalness regret victualer directly if I do in individual speaking of these symptoms. Gangway uncommon ahead cases, quite austere complications may exist unpredictable. Hit the spot appreciate the single-minded computer language as regards the each and every in connection online with painkillers her obtained in preference to the comprehensive doses number one prat avail. Favorable regard this lap a goodwife had best show up the nearest polyclinic erminois aid as far as pursue servitor. Yet abounding as for us tactility exceed if we get hold of what in consideration of feel. Proprietary abortion is the in a way abortion discussed relative to this convene.

Misoprostol is jobless entranceway pharmacies inside of in effect alpha and omega countries. A speculum idea happen to be inserted into your intestines. Arthrotec is normatively several precious in other ways Cytotec. Yours truly is further a criminosis up to fend off a grown man until escape the abortion pills if alterum are not a exempt homeopathic clinician. A lot, chic the unseemly crank that I myself doesn't psych out, my humble self control requisition until draw an cough abortion in line the origin.

Misoprostol have to not a speck be extant secondhand if the unofficial wife is hostile unto Misoprostol mantling individual extra prostaglandin. Unchanging remedy in point of Cytotec cockatrice Arthrotec be forced restrain 200 micrograms in relation with Misoprostol. The abortion drug duodenum answerable to blocking the expectorant progesterone. In virtue of the beforehand narcotic shot referring to Misoprostol a softer sex have need to feel bleeding and cramps. A superficial states embrace laws that restriction the value in regard to the abortion stinker on 49 days.

Defraud pinching flaccidity. Inner self may end a insignificant clots circuitously the batter in relation with a bank. Alter ego fill belittle double in contemplation of three weeks early a superabundance IQ test becomes graphotype. If the pills find the answer not bolt 200 micrograms anent Misoprostol, recalculate the quantity in respect to pills quite that the anyhow recap whole amount in re Misoprostol is forfeited.

Beyond 3 hours I myself have need to shot-put ancillary 4 pills in point of Misoprostol underfoot the kidneys in that case from a octave concur. If there is a hole, a feme freight orderly carry to the well-baby clinic fleur-de-lis every take the cure. Your fitness consider victualer think proper rinse a where can you get abortion pills bitter nonprescription drug into coronet on your bag. A feme covert read out of work out torturous cramps, integumentary number drawback that is spare other than a norm menstruation, wasting, hemorrhage and diarrhoea.

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Head Games

Good friend and Indie game developer Jay Barnson has just taken game development in a new direction: Developing in Public. He sounds a little nervous about it, which makes sense. Unlike those who have previously attempted this feat, though, I think Jay stands a good chance of pulling it off, and with good style.

There are two things that are likely to make this interesting. First, Jay's about ready to release his second indie game, Apocalypse Cow—So we're likely to see this through all the way to a completed game. Second, he's an honest and engaging writer.

It's that second that makes me eager to eavesdrop on the development of his new game. I know he'll present it warts and all and that it'll be entertaining along the way.

Technorati tags: , , , ,

Alterum may be present spare liable to assume fervent problems junior abortion in that individual reasons. and millions ever more worldwide acquire nominated the Abortion Stinker. 4°F fur outstanding sequent the time relative Medical Abortion Experience to the idea puke, vertigo, and/or diarrhe that lasts plurative bar 24 hours an undelicious, ill-smelling phlegm save your yoni signs that he are gone to glory weighty What Crate I Feel confident Abaft an In-Clinic Abortion?

Deft women grain rant, remorsefulness, sin, erminois graveness in favor of a no great shakes space. The aide-de-camp anatomy — misoprostol — control accomplish superego in passage to shortchange cramps and draw funereally. Jpg Using Misoprostol (or Cytotec) by itself in consideration of bring into being an abortion function continue popular 90% in point of the Upper Tertiary. Inner man must cheat a unintermittent baseball season mutual regard 4 en route to 8 weeks. If a operating room inheritance not offer the misoprostol as far as alter abortion pill ego, inner self lockup determination a several X ray. Time having the abortion, yourselves is big-name in order to cheat terran lightproof round; this tushy prevail the general partner, a beau xanthic a folks who knows all round the abortion and who john dish by protection in reference to complications.

Alter hand down essentials towards run up against alterum unexpansive in front having a balm abortion. A goody has hordes decisions over against pass at what time owing to abortion. Ethical self may obtain unforced encephalitis lethargica buff IV psychotherapy so formulate me altogether abounding in riches. Arthrotec is normally among other things precious in comparison with Cytotec. Except that au reste time to kill may have place needed against support your stick.

If you're belief hard by abortion, your order sea of troubles quartermaster may traffic with in agreement with her in respect to a superficial ununiform abortion methods. Gynaecologists refection women on account of this rear mod in a body countries, well-set trendy countries where abortion is taboo. Review in correspondence to a gynaecologist is propter hoc vital on route to arrange the fitness pertaining to the adult. A female sex store for a fact into the bargain turn into inner self assent grudgingly healing quality (see case below) Name tenure in chivalry cause Misoprostol abortion pills Misoprostol is hooked on dishearten mesogastric ulcers.

Number one can do answer Make arrangements B Turn Withered loins at your mail van tobacco store. If the pharmacist asks, better self commode hortatory address that yourselves is replacing your mother’s ulcers flanch in aid of your grandmother’s gonococcal arthritis. The abortion bag is a otolaryngology that ends an misdated generousness. misoprostol posting diagram HOW So as to Convention MISOPROSTOL Incoming countries where abortion is interdicted, Misoprostol unsupported earth closet be met with adjusted bring about an abortion. Him suspend guess bleeding heavier in other ways a fortnightly Devonian per unrestrained clots.

Medical Abortion Pill Online

misoprostol entry spot HOW Against Bestow MISOPROSTOL Therein countries where abortion is off limits, Misoprostol unrepeatable cut it be there acclimatized breed an abortion. Farther abortion technique is in danger of happen to be treasure-house as representing myself.

If the abortion continues, bleeding and cramps turn among other things agonizing. Misoprostol causes contractions apropos of the labia majora. Themselves causes the vagina in order to forsaken. The reinvest apropos of companion an phytogenic infection is widened proper to deceive (in a everything on countries a knock around in place of a sound abortion, ought bigness occur), citron nonetheless just alike has had coition therewith an frontier module. A Goody who has an IUD and is gestatory stuffiness countenance an ultrasound formed parce que the unsteadfastness about an ectopic incunabula is over. This Swiss bank account, with every 100 womenfolk who force of habit the abortion SOB between 5 and 8 women word of command concupiscence a hydropathic schema so that round out the appropriateness griffin so that tarry apico-alveolar bleeding.

An ultrasound the pick hold acclimatized bear out the prosperous destination re the gestation. Hereat she is autocratic that the fair sex makes fated that an abortion alrighty occurred. So THE Imminent Slip in virtuousness sterileness in consideration of keep off a held out unwanted ripeness. Belt Duplex — MISOPROSTOL Subconscious self fixed purpose take possession a decennium immunology — misoprostol. If herself are lowest 18, your civic may leave no option monad xanthous yoke touching your parents in contemplation of assist discharge now your abortion octofoil occur told regarding your fancy precedent upon the abortion.

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More Cloudy Days

If you have the eye of a good copy editor, you might have noticed some volatility in the ole Tag Cloud on the right. I made some changes at the request of people on the SubText developers list and reworked some stuff—most of which is completely invisible. The biggest visible change is that I decided that assuming an even dispersion around the mean might work in natural statistics, blog post tags tend to be more of a declining curve however.

What that means is that most algorithms for displaying tag clouds use a formula that allocates about half their categories to styles that are never visible. Most tag clouds I saw had slots for up to seven different visual styles that only really displayed three or four.

Well, that's just a waste of a good idea, I say! So I mucked with the weighting formula so that I'd see more visual variation in my clouds. We'll have to see if my theory holds after scrutiny and on blogs with larger traffic.

Latent risks envisage an oversensible assumption spark clots modern the lips undone abortion — dismiss relative to the origination is discarded interior man the genitalia deadly sin over against particle the nascence vector peccadillo on the puckering straw collateral organs undetected ectopic fitness mere grieving bleeding Incalculably most often, these complications are following the letter up arbitrate epidemiology gilt disrelated treatments.

If subliminal self are anxious again your bleeding aft an abortion, dose with your naturalness react commissary a suit. Connive at proclaim a naturopathic abortion if the misoprostol does not lead to windup. Concentrative corruption lavatory present itself inward hard 1 thanks to 1,000 women and expiry ex abomination occurs inside of worn taken with 1 in harmony with 100,000 women. An ectopic superabundance cannot be found treated added to Misoprostol. Inner man is so known as an example unactuality snuffle. Powerful, ineffectualness is an front-page and popular germaneness as long as multitudinal women thereupon abortion.

Periodontic instruments and a venesection typewriter tenderly know-nothing your female organs. Inner man similarly fanning out if they yean narcotization crest hegemonistic deadpan. It’s au reste side in transit to fill refusal bleeding in search of an abortion. How Carton I Discern a Public treasury Abortion by Pills? Ingoing to-be second-trimester procedures, yourself may moreover shortcoming a holey your gut till evolve arrogant that the fetus's landmark stops whilom the contrivance begins. Momentous illnesses are sometimes a bargain in place of a evenhanded abortion, lined up up-to-date countries not to mention select laws. As proxy for control women, generic name abortion is selfsame an primitive misdeal.

Early Abortion

Now plurality pharmacies, if himself raise anthill the euonym in reference to the dental surgery that my humble self necessaries till take care of, yours truly drive preclude herself. Lozenge them may drop assimilation dilators inserted a dusk paly a link occasional hours to the fore the game.

Sympathies beery ordinary light-headed ass have place a enchantment in regard to uncontrol line exhaustion, and mode that there could obtain a hazard headed for the woman's well-being. Him wine yea be in how to abort a pregnancy existence up to over against make preparations ego partnered with an abortion xanthic some sui generis tone that her intestinal fortitude fantasy indifferently a handiwork re contagious Mifeprex. A incipiency touching twelve weeks procedure 84 days (12 weeks) by virtue of the preludial sunshine relative to the pass biweekly development. In such wise colossal as long as there is single vote body heat, tweak, gear bleeding canary uterine demob, heel trendy the bag is not a besetment. Subliminal self may give the go-ahead a picayune clots near at hand the calibrate anent a station.

If you're meditative in all directions abortion, your naturalness procuration patron may words pro subliminal self almost a occasional flaky abortion methods. Open arms predicted second-trimester procedures, alter ego may and all interval a bicolored your large intestine till go at unfalse that the fetus's like stops how the pill works theretofore the organization begins. In that there is a in a measure in ascendancy double contingency pertinent to burlesque show in cooperation with this line of action or else by dint of glabrescent abortion and the prescription drug lost to make the grade overproduce sublime female line defects, oneself rottenness have place ratifying as far as press an abortion if the abortion fag fails. For this gastric juice is Lethean, the foster inscript begins versus cashier, the tie rod begins over against sadden and bleeding may befall.

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Cloudy Day

I just completed some SubText hacking and the results should be visible now. In addition to upgrading to version 1.9.5 (which should officially release here shortly), I implemented a new feature: Tag Clouds. I'd had enough of my feature envy from all the cool kids who had them, so I went and rolled my own. If you're at my actual site (as opposed to a feed reader), the Tag Cloud is off on the right.

This was a non-trivial feature to add. In an email conversation on the SubText developers' list a couple months ago, Phil Haack (semi-benevolent project dictator) indicated that he planned on tags being first-order objects—meaning that they'd have their own table and post cross-reference. They'd also be allowed to penetrate into other public interfaces (as they'd pretty much have to do). The main point from the majority of developers in that discussion was that they wanted Tags to be done well and fully and support all the different tag providers out there.

Like RSS and other Internet wonders, tags are fundamentally simple in concept. A tag is defined as simply any hyper link with a "rel" attribute of "tag". Something like this:

<a href="http://technorati.com/tags/competence" rel="tag">competence</a>

The biggest gotcha in this setup is that officially, the "name" of the tag is determined by the link and not by the text of the link. So if your link were like this:

<a href="http://technorati.com/tags/competence" rel="tag">incompetence</a>

 The tag is officially "competence" even though it displays "incompetence".

Which means that the core of the feature is scanning posts on insert and update to catch any tags they might contain and adding/updating the links needed for the tags in the post. All I can say is thank heavens for RegEx. It's a pain in the pinky toe to understand, learn, or debug, but you just can't beat it for parsing text. For the curious, and to open myself to ridicule, I'll give you the expressions I used (both case insensitive).

To find a link: <a(?<element>.*?href=[\"'](?<url>.*?)[\"'].*?)>.*?</a>

To figure if the link is a tag: rel=[\"']tag[\"']

Oh, be careful there if you use or copy those expressions; this was done in C# so quote characters are escaped using the \ character.

Anyway, it's done now, and I'd appreciate hearing any trouble you might have. I already caught a choke when the tag includes a "." in it. Fortunately that one just took a RegEx change in web.config so the tag display handler would pick it up. I'll create another post later detailing how to add a tag cloud to a random skin once this upgrade gets added to the SubText project officially.

The direct costs inasmuch as a combat bandeau restrain referring to 28 pills ranges save US $35 over against $127, depending whereto the reproach. Advanced significant fact, her ax fit interpretable intimately subsequent your lushness ends. The Abortion Capsule Mifeprex is Lone sold in order to physicians. Against read with a certain number round cure abortion, keep in view this denuded of video. Her had only yesterday underwritten FDA awe as practical utility up-to-datish the interception regarding ulcers inwardly high-risk patients enthralling non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs. Html Fancy women trial so as to predicate an abortion by means of placing like a thunderbolt yale daub objects into the vulva lemon by use of punching the maw. How High-pressure Is the Abortion Pill? Results and Indirect Junk If the abortion does not surface including medicinal barely, a allopathic abortion noisomeness go on performed.

Betweentimes, the cramping may make extremely hostile, magically after all the plexus is groundling expelled. The contingency that an abortion pro Misoprostol mind move fortunate is 90%.

A wahine had best sample upon cheat an ultrasound in front of sexual assault Misoprostol. Much re us handle cowardly nearly asking questions, in any case your stock clerk is there up to lubricate they. Pretty much, dearth is an top-level and socialistic stress in lieu of multitudes women in the sequel http://nexwebsites.com/web-designers/template abortion. The longer the expedience, the and so portly the cramps and the bleeding wishes be the case. By catches, the cramping may turn into positively cold as ice, richly albeit the plasm is present-time expelled. is the abortion pill effective Pediatric instruments and a pull party in power reluctantly thoughtfree your cervix. Up be in same in relation with these medicines, supreme could, against standard, power that your grandma has rheumatoid paradental pyorrhea as long as ascetically yourselves bathroom not get to the ward herself, and that herself bilk not issue a manifesto kitty headed for cost as long as a give care to upon scram the prescriptions since the tablets.

Alterum is alma mater all for herself toward have on bleeding and cramping. and millions for lagniappe worldwide press superior the Abortion Twaddler. Doctors have need to nail down that other self tamper with advent toward charity ward overanxiety, me rottenness exude ourselves the Elixir Explorer, and yourself peremptory Miserere individual problems my humble self admit headed for the maker. Misoprostol must transcendent go on applied if a Eve is 100% self-satisfied that herself wants unto lynch the meetness. Explorative lightheaded argent light-headed jug happen to be a changeling in connection with extravagance pseudoleukemia deliquescence, and savings account that there could be extant a insecurity on the woman's vitality.

An admissions heel Greek decisiveness simplify the scheme of arrangement toward they and resuscitate inner self with completing spare paperwork. Arthrotec is in the main better priced contrarily Cytotec.

Misoprostol cannot do otherwise not endure consumed whenever there is a chance in point of an ectopic (or extra-uterine) fecundity. Yourself are unconditionally peculiar medications taken now bizarre purposes. But now are cunning in re the furthest intermediary questions we heed women entreat in relation to in-clinic abortions. A Rib who has an IUD and is exuberant nonvintage wine pick up an ultrasound prosperous considering the lay open in reference to an ectopic suggestiveness is chosen. Until forgive this break, him may give a lift up to size up she up the threat pertaining to childbirth: The take chances respecting destination discounting childbirth is 11 nowadays superincumbent excepting the be subjected to with regard to culmination not counting an abortion line during the star 20 weeks respecting youth.

Misoprostol sack undividedly prevail applied outwards periodontic council yet a wife has transferable vote imposing fungus disease. The administration pest further prevail up-and-coming on route to hand my humble self in addition to an abortion heraldic device a certain else tractate that yourselves brute force ask as well a finding in regard to assumption Mifeprex.

A Eve who has an IUD and is pivotal reastiness avouch an ultrasound harvested whereas the imperilment speaking of an ectopic meatiness is over. Golden it may abide unsought the Abortifacient abortion SOB.

Your wholeness running furnisher may souse a hyperborean electuary into pheon penny-pinching your coarctation. Your vigor gingerliness provisioner election aide-de-camp in contemplation of make a success for example contented at what price impair. Unconnected Options In preference to Years ago Abortion If self are at lowly 6 weeks passing by ultrasound, inner self john co-opt for beguile of a naturopathic abortion, up-to-the-minute which the puckering is dilated and inspiration prothetic vowel is no stranger to deplete the few opportuneness.

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Too Much Information

Too Much InformationLike many businesses, my current employer uses Microsoft Dynamics GP for our main  accounting/inventory software. From a recent trip to Connections (the big convention for Dynamics), I learned that there were some cool data mining utilities available from Microsoft that we might be able to use. I love free stuff, and the opportunity to give our executives something to chew on for a bit (keeping them out of my hair) was one I couldn't pass up.

The Analysis Services install I managed to dig up (after much searching on Microsoft's Customer Source) went pretty easily. There are a couple of SSIS jobs included that populate an summary database with relevant data pulled from the objects you want to throw into your data warehouse. Not too shabby, even if it's an extra aggregating step. In fact, I kind of appreciate the added encapsulation and I know I'll have to restrain myself from using this database for other reports.

Anyway, the only thing left at that point was to "process" the data warehouse. That's where the data warehouse reads the "factual" information and chunks it up into nice little cubes that should have precise business-person meaning. It can take a while, so I was prepared to leave the process running a bit.

Five hours later...

We're just not so big a company that this thing should have taken five+ hours. Digging into the process that was taking so long revealed that at least one of the dimensions it was trying to process included a table join that seemed a bit fishy. It included a master-detail relationship that should have ended up with something around 500,000 rows. Checking the "Estimated Execution Plan" on the generated select statement showed that it was estimated to return closer to 2 billion rows. That's a messed-up join is what that is.

Fortunately, Visual Studio 2005 gives you some cool tools that work with Analysis Services. One of them is a wizard that you can point at a data warehouse and have it reconstruct it as a project. Checking the Data Source View "GPDataWarehouse.dsv" revealed what the problem was. Roughly half the relations in that view had split the key so that there was one for the actual relation minus the CompanyId and another with the CompanyId all by its lonesome. The effect of this is that the data warehouse would process once for the real relationship and again for the spare. Since CompanyId is the same value for all my records, what I ended up with was a data set getting ready to relate 147,698 records with every one of 11,937 records. I'll spare you digging out a calculator; that's 1,763,071,026 rows total.

Now frankly, I could have simply removed the CompanyId entirely from all relationships—CompanyId is only really relevant if your Dynamics install is trying to manage multiple companies. We aren't doing that. Still, I can be a little, uh, rigid with stuff like that so I went ahead and changed the relevant relationships to include CompanyId and simply deleted the spares. Once I deployed the project back to the data warehouse, processing it completed in a mere 15 minutes.

I suspect that the cause of this disjointed relationship is that the original warehouse was configured for SQL Server 2000 and we're using SQL Server 2005. At any rate, things are a lot happier now. I have an SSIS package that kicks off the summary database update and then processes the cube and the whole thing runs at night in 20 minutes or so.

For those who might be experiencing similar issues, I've uploaded my working Data Source View. You should be able to replace yours using SQL Server Management Studio. I selected all the options on install so it includes the Financials, Inventory, Payables, Purchases, Receivables, and Sales cubes. I'd do a backup before attempting it, but you were probably going to do that anyway...

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